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Backpacking, hiking and backcountry camping

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Backpacking or car camping (also known as dispersed camping) is Allowed on state forest lands as long as your site is more than 1 mile from a state forest campsite. it’s free. The following applies:

  • Campsites cannot be located in a state park, recreation area, state forest campground, or state game area and must be located more than one mile from the state forest campgrounds.
  • It is not possible to post a campsite or the vicinity of No Camping.
  • A backpack registration tag must be prominently displayed at the campsite for the duration of the stay. It is your responsibility to ensure that the registration card remains legible. It is recommended to put the card in a zip bag.
  • state land rules It must be followed at all times.

Download Backpack Registration Card (PDF)

Map of state forests and campgrounds

Please note: The map can be used as a measurement tool to determine state forest boundaries and locations more than 1 mile from state forest campgrounds. Camp registration cards are also available at Local DNR offices.

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