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Where to go camping around Corvallis this summer

Written by financemounir

We’re excited for you to see the scenic campgrounds around Benton County, but we wanted to share some tips for staying safe and enjoying the outdoors this summer.

campfire: For many, campfires are an essential part of the nighttime experience. But please be mindful of any burn bans in effect, and only light fires at designated campfire grills or fire rings; These are designed to contain fires and prevent sparks from escaping.

Reservations: Many of Benton County’s most popular campgrounds fill up weeks in advance, but last-minute cancellations happen—so don’t be shy about checking reservation sites to see if something opens. (Pro tip: Last-minute sites are more popular before Independence Day and after Labor Day—and they can be plentiful for midweek stays.) And if all else fails, plenty of campgrounds around the area host sites that are available in first-come, first-served. .

drinking water: Some – but not all – camps provide drinking water for campers. If you’re not sure if that’s your destination, there’s no harm in bringing along a few jugs just for your own safety. Make sure you bring enough for yourself and put out a potential campfire at the end of the night.

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